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Q: What exactly are Crutch Buddies?

A: Crutch Buddies covers for crutches are high quality pads that fit over the armrest on your underarm crutches.

Two layers of soft, cozy fleece fabric surround a cushy layer of medical grade foam.

They provide welcome relief from the friction which causes chafing and discomfort. Our crutch covers are also moisture wicking and they look pretty sweet too.

Q: How about Pockets?

A: Crutch Pockets are handy side pouches that attach securely to the handle of your crutch without hindering your mobility.

Many people find the Pocket invaluable for helping to carry small, but neccessary, items.

Things like keys, wallets, glasses, loose change,and cell phones can be easily carried and kept at your fingertips with a Pocket.

Q: Do I need Crutch Buddies? Do they help?

A: If you have ever been on crutches, you realize it's pretty much a bummer. They are often an awkward hassle, and can be downright painful.

Nearly every crutch user experiences some form of discomfort. Everyday chores and movement becomes an unending challenge.

Our Crutch Covers help to reduce friction in your underarm caused by your crutches.

And our Pockets help manage all of your things. Many of our customers find the relief and comfort from Crutch Buddies very welcome.

Q: Do you have any tips on how to walk on crutches?

A: We do! Check out out Tips & Tricks page for a useful overview of several techniques on how to walk on crutchs effectively and safely.


Q: Will Crutch Buddies fit on my crutches? How about Pockets?

A: Crutch Buddies will fit most standard adult and youth sized underarm crutches without removing the existing rubber pad or the hand grip.

Crutch Pockets are also designed to fit on a standard underarm crutch.

Q: Where are Crutch Buddies made?

A: We manufacture Crutch Buddies Covers and Pockets right here in our small shop near the beach in Grand Haven, Michigan. See our About Us page for more info.

We are proud to provide jobs and say our products are 100% made in the USA.

Don't worry, we have been on crutches from time to time too. We can relate and hope you feel better soon.

Q: Where does the fabric (or materials ) come from?

A: Crutch Buddies Covers and Pockets are proudly made with fabrics and materials manufactured right here in the United States!

The majortiy of our fleece comes from Malden Mills in Massachusetts, inventor of polar fleece fabric more than 30 years ago. Their Polartec® fleece is arguably the highest quality available in the world.

Our foam comes from Rochford Supply in Minnesota. Their quality materials are used in medical, furniture, and other products worldwide for over 38 years!

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Q: How do I put the Crutch Covers (or Pocket) on my crutches? How about the grip covers? 

"How-to Videos" - Click Here

A: Putting Crutch Buddies Covers or a Pocket on your crutches is easy and takes no time at all! Click here to see the videos.

To put your Covers on, tuck one end of the crutch armrest into the end of the Cover.

Tuck two fingers into the other end of the Cover, stretch slightly, and wrap over the other end of the crutch armrest, tucking it into the Cover.

Crutch Buddies Covers are designed to fit snugly and securely over the existing rubber pad on the armrest of your crutch. They are not intended as a rubber pad replacement.

To put the grip covers on your crutches, undo the hook and loop, then wrap the covers over the hand grip and press the hook and loop closure together securely.

To attach your Pocket to the handgrip of your crutch, first begin by slipping the bottom tip of the crutch through the elastic band on the back of the Pocket.

Slide the Pocket up the crutch towards the handgrip. It's best if the grip covers are already in place. 

Bring the strap up from the Pocket and above the handgrip. Then, wrap the strap around the side of the crutch, from above the handgrip then out, and back down to the Pocket.

Attach the velcro together and your Pocket should hang securely below the handgrip, allowing room for your hand and fingers to grip the handrest.

You can also watch our "How-to Videos" which will show you how to install your Crutch Buddies products. Click here to see the videos.

If you are unsure how to use or install your Covers or Pocket, or cannot attain a proper fit, please contact us.

Q: How do I wash my Covers or Pocket?

A: Crutch Buddies products are made from 100% polyester fleece and are machine washable. Simply wash on delicate cycle or by hand with cold water. Tumble dry with no heat (air) or air dry. Do not dry clean, use bleach or iron.

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Q: How long does it take to receive my purchase?

A: We ship at least by the next business and on the same day when we receive the order before 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

We use USPS First Class Mail (standard shipping) or USPS Priority Mail (priority shipping). We also ship on Saturdays.

You should receive your purchase in 4-7 business days with standard shipping or 2-4 business with priority shipping. Postal holidays and weekends may delay delivery.

Interntional and Express Service is also available.

See our Shipping & Handling page for more details.

Q: Is there a guarantee? How about returns?

A: Yes! There is a no-risk guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please return within 60 days for a full refund. See our Guarantee & Promise page for complete details.

Q: Is my online transaction secure?

A: All of our transactions are conducted through Paypal and we do not collect any of your credit card information.

Paypal has the most advanced privacy protection in the world. Their identity theft protection, fraud protection, and protection for your purchases is the best available.

Please see Paypal's security center for complete details at

Please email us at with any additional questions!

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