Crutch Covers, Pads, Pockets and Cast Toe Covers

Made in USA, Veteran Owned, Available Exclusively at Amazon. We're dedicated to giving you relief from crutch pain, and a bit of style!

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Why Choose CrutchBuddies Covers?

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • Top rated product on Amazon with the best reviews
  • Veteran owned and made in the USA
  • Physician recommended: Doctors, nurses and physical therapists
  • Fantastic colors add style to your time on crutches
  • We believe in our product - satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • Super soft fleece helps relieve crutch pain
  • Helps you walk on crutches by relieving discomfort

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Made in USA, Veteran Owned, Available Exclusively at Amazon. We're dedicated to giving you relief from crutch pain, and a bit of style!

Veteran Owned, Made in USA

We are proudly Veteran Owned by a former 82nd Airborne Paratrooper. We keep all our manufacturing in the USA. These products are handmade by American's who care about how you feel. We're dedicated to making you feel better.

Great Colors & Prices

All products are available in a variety of colors, you choose your favorite! Crutch Buddies also make especially helpful and thoughtful gifts. Get comfort and convenience for one low price. All of our high quality products are durable and washable.

Physician Recommended

Recommended by Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists and Healthcare professionals in addition to our happy customers to make your crutch life easier. Keep your toes warm with these cozy toe covers.

Fantastic Customer Feedback

Don't believe us? See what our customers say! Put these covers over your cast and toes and stay warm in the winter! We have thousands of happy customers who have felt cold toes from casts!

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Customer Reviews


If you have the misfortune of needing to use crutches, do yourself a favor and get these as soon as possible. I would see people with sheep skin or wrapping towels around the crutch and never understood why until I was on crutches for a few weeks....ouch! Crutch Buddies have made it tolerable, I have a few more months on these and I'm thankful to have them.


I love the Crutch Buddies covers! It was almost impossible for me to walk 5 steps without stopping, because the chaffing was so bad! Now, with Crutch Buddies, it's so much more comfy, and I almost look forward to these next 4 weeks on crutches (I have already been on for 2 weeks). Thanks Crutch Buddies!


They are wonderful! I got them for my 15 year old daughter who had to have foot surgery. Much, much better than the rolled towels we used in the past! And the pocket is the perfect size for her cell phone! It's no fun being on crutches - but Crutch Buddies certainly made it much more bearable!


I would definitely recommend these. One of the medical techs in my doctor's office saw them and said he was going to recommend this site to their other patients.


Quality is very good. Really helps with hand and under arm pain. Very glad I have them! Will recommend to friends.


Let me just say your Crutch Covers are an absolute lifesaver! I do not know what I would do if I didn't have your product, I absolutely love them!

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