"It's the crutch pocket which has been the biggest blessing. I no longer have to deal with the nuisance of a purse around my neck and shoulder. i love being able to carry a travel mug of tea from the kitchen to the computer desk. " -Janet, TN

"The pocket is awesome. Now I can carry my beer from the fridge to the porch!" - Cindy, TX

"And oh the pocket! That helps out big time! You don't realize how helpless you can feel when you can't even hold a cell phone, a bottle of soda, or anything else kinda small while crutching. Thanks Crutch Buddies!" -Rick, OH

"The crutch pocket is an amazing addition. This pocket allows me to have a drink and my cell phone with me while still having a comfortable, secure grip on the sticks! That little independence means so much!" -Lynda, CO

"The pocket is amazing in that it gives my daughter some independence by allowing her to carry things like her cell phone or a bottle of water from place to place where prior to having it she had to rely on others to bring/carry things for her. Anyone that needs to be on crutches for a long period of time needs to buy these products!" -Oakley, NY